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Ahoy all you scurvy beer lubbers!!


We will be lowering our gangplank and welcoming people on board the Tipsy Mermaid from 12.00 on Monday 18/5/2020.


There have been some rough seas to cross to get through lockdown and our thoughts go out to those, and their loved ones, who have been effected by the outbreak – but now it looks like calmer waters lie ahead and hatches have been unbattoned.


We would like to welcome you all on board to experience a decent drink in an open air environment. We now have 2 historic boats at the Mermaid - which is a long story in itself, to be written about in a later post, or a tale told over a beer! With the extra seating we have we will endeavor to provide a safe and cosy environment for you to enjoy. We also have lots of seating on shore for those who have not found their sea legs yet.


If the weather is a little chilly, we have heaters on board and freshly washed blankets – you are also welcome to bring your own along with an extra jumper!



This wooden hull Fishing Boat construction was completed in 1967 by Ved Johs. Kristensen Skibsbyggeri I/S at Hvide Sande Shipyard, build number 108.

She saw service as part of the Danish North Sea Fishing Fleet up until 2008 with her first Havnekendingsnummer being  RI 44 operating out of Ringkøbing and was changed to HM22 in 2000 and operated out of Hanstholm.

The main fishermen using the boat were Egon Ottesen until 2000 and Teddy Orla Jepsen until 2008

Pictured left: Molly towards the end of her fishing career

Previous names have been HENNY and KIM-MARTIN, until the last owner, Andreas Scholdan, renamed her Molly after his dog.

Pictured right: Molly out the water getting some attention

We now have Molly and have brought her to Copenhagen so people can enjoy a decent drink on board this retired hard working lady of the sea, and hopefully guests feel some of her history with all the scars and features she has acquired over the years.

She will be permanently moored at this location, but she still has life in her yet and motored here under her own power across the Kattegat with her 385 horsepower engine – and we will maintain her seaworthiness

Havnegade 50, 1058 Copenhagen K.

Email: info@TipsyMermaid.dk

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