“I have seafoam in my veins,

I understand the language of waves.”
― Le Testament d'Orphée



Give my people plenty of beer, good beer, and cheap beer, and you will have no revolution among them.

—Queen Victoria, 1819-1901

Pictured: Molly towards the end of her fishing career

This wooden hull Fishing Boat construction was completed in 1967 by Ved Johs. Kristensen Skibsbyggeri I/S at Hvide Sande Shipyard, build number 108.

She saw service as part of the Danish North Sea Fishing Fleet up until 2008 with her first Havnekendingsnummer being  RI 44 operating out of Ringkøbing and was changed to HM22 in 2000 and operated out of Hanstholm.

The main fishermen using the boat were Egon Ottesen until 2000 and Teddy Orla Jepsen until 2008

Previous names have been HENNY and KIM-MARTIN, until the last owner, Andreas Scholdan, renamed her Molly after his dog.

Pictured right: Molly out the water getting some attention

We now have Molly and have brought her to Copenhagen so people can enjoy a decent drink on board this retired hard working lady of the sea, and hopefully guests feel some of her history with all the scars and features she has acquired over the years.

She will be permanently moored at this location, but she still has life in her yet and motored here under her own power across the Kattegat with her 385 horsepower engine – and we will maintain her seaworthiness


This wooden hull Fishing Boat construction was completed in Skagen in 1929 and named "JONNA" with number S138. She only fished until 23th of October 1942 when she was loaned out to the Søtransportvåsenet )maritime transport brigade= and received the number P33.

She was pressed into service by German Navy on 29th of August 1943 and assigned to Netzsperrflotille Mitte as Arbeitsboot 32 + her duties included laying submarine nets. In 1944 Denmark liberated her and in 1945 she was in the Danish Navy again under P33. 

In 1951 her name changed to Y357, and in 1957 made available to the Navy Home Guard. She underwent major repairs at Svendborg, including a new wheelhouse, and then deployed as a training vessel for all floatillas. 

In 1958 she joined the Marine Home Guard (Marinehjemmevårnet) gaining the name MHV 64.

She was stationed at the hjemmeværnsflotille 313, Svendborg in 1965, then later in 1965 transferred to the hjemmeværnsflotille 319/361, ISEFJORD.

In 1985 she went to Fredericia, receiving a new Grenå Diesel type 3F24 engine, 165hp. During the yard stay, a fire broke out on board, so some major repairs needed to be done.

In 1988, MHV 64 was renamed to CRUX in a ceremony performed by H.K.H. Prince Henrik. 

She sailed her last voyage for Marine Home Guard Flotilla 361 ISEFJORD in 2003.

CRUX had been quite neglected for a few years so we purchased her and did some major repairs and restored her original wartime colours before sailing her to Copenhagen under her own power - we will be keeping up her seaworthiness!

She now keeps Molly company so these two hard working Ladies of the Sea can share their history with you over a beer.

Our story

We are a craft beer bar placed on historic fishing boats in the heart of Copenhagen. We serve local craft & exotic beer and snacks on board or out on our on shore sitting areas. The beer menu changes often just to keep it interesting for you and your taste buds. We are always happy to give you a taster to make sure you are happy with the flavours. We have crisps and nuts on board as well to bite into why you're enjoying your favourite crafts. No kitchen. It was difficult enought to put taps, lines and all the other bar equipment that we have not got around to making food just yet. But you never know, it might be coming and we will keep you updated on that front.

The idea is original. But why? Because .. why not? Ask the owner and that is the answer you will receive. It has not been done before so someone had to. Passion for boats and beers was combined to bring you this original location. Molly has been brought here back in 2017 and Crux joined the crew earlier in 2020. During lockdown to keep the ladies company and occupy ourselves, we put more seating upstairs for you to enjoy the view of the canal. We are growing with every year of serving. Let's see what surprise is brought with 2021!

Whether it is a weekend night out or a beer after work, our staff is there to chat with, complain to or just to help find your favourite amongs our choices. Because we are mostly on open air, we are greatly dependant on the weather. Therefore, we need to shut our doors and sail the ladies away for some spa get away during winter time.. They do come back home to the harbour straight after the repairs have been done but  we keep the doors closed because of the cold.. Catch us any time between spring and early autumn and you are guaranteed a good time!

Craft beer in Copenhagen is becoming more and more popular with every year incoming and rightly so because (if you ask us) IT IS JUST GREAT! That also means more and more craft beer bars open in Copenhagen. However, they can not compare to the experience you will have when you visit us. We have great beer, awesome story and lovely people on board! What else could you ask for to accompany your drinking outing? Sharing is caring so we are ready to share our love for this liquid with all you beer enthusiasts! 

Opening hours


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